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Drain pipe structure

Most large cities today have dedicated waste treatment facilities according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. Through a complex drainage system connected to the houses and generally all the buildings, to other pipes and finally to the special sewage treatment facilities.

The waste is led there, where the water is partially purified and then it is emptied into streams, the sea or in other sewage systems. Learn information and facts about the sewer pipe, this invisible daily carrier of our sewage and filth.

It is good to have a familiarity with the mechanisms that “run” above, below or on the side of your house in order to either attempt blockages, interventions in the ducts yourself or know when you need to call a professional.

In the past, sewer pipes were made of lead because it is a very soft metal that could be easily worked. Other materials used in ancient times for the construction of pipes and channels were clay, wood and stone, while about 3 centuries ago the pipes of the time consisted of hollow pieces of wood covered with steel.

In the newer era, copper took the lead. Thus, pipes were made mainly of soft copper and then of rigid copper, reaching the shape and texture we know them today. At the same time, several decades ago, the use of lead was completely abandoned due to the growing concern about the risks of poisoning from this material.

Modern water supply and drainage systems in buildings consist of a network of pipes made of copper, brass, plastic (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC) or other non-toxic materials.

Pipe materials


Widely used for the production of sewer pipes, PVC is light, strong and has little thermal variation. PVC pipe systems usually have a socket and grommet connection system for very quick installation.


In sewer systems PE has many advantages for systems under pressure or where an out-of-pit installation is required. The combination of impact resistance and flexibility of the tubes is unbeatable.


With high tensile, chemical and temperature resistance, polypropylene pipes are ideal for sewage systems. They come with a custom socket and rubber grommet for quick and easy installation.

Drainage pipe structure

When we say pipes, we mean a hollow rigid, straight structure. There are the pipes and ducts. Pipes are usually made by casting or welding the materials that make it up.

The pipe takes its shape through a pressure-based process called extrusion. Pipe has thicker walls and can be bolted or welded to other pipes, while conduit has thinner walls and is joined to pipes or other pipes in more complex ways (welding, compression fitting, crimping). It is precisely in these straight sections that clogs are usually observed and material accumulations are created.

Choice of obstruction method

Choosing the appropriate occlusion method depends on where the blockage is located. There are tools used for blockages, most of which are inserted into pipes or ducts.

Therefore, knowing the tool that will enter a duct that has thin walls will guide us in choosing the appropriate plugging tool. For example a tool that will not damage the walls of a small diameter pipe.

Also, the selection of the appropriate sprinkler head for a particular pipe depending on its age and current condition.

Pipe Basics

Drainage systems should normally function as if they did not exist. The ideal situation is to carry waste water out of buildings, quietly, creating a comfortable and healthy home and business environment. The smooth operation of a sewer network begins with its design and construction. Three important elements for optimal use and longevity of your drainage system are.

Correct architecture, structure and installation of the drainage system.

Suitable diameter of pipes/ducts according to the range of use and the volume of the building.

Quality and durability of the materials from which the pipes are made so that there is the required resistance to toxic materials, tree roots and natural damages.

See more about Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς:

Top colors for spring 2022

Of course colors play a dominant role in fashion, ολόσωμες φόρμες from DKstyle. So let’s take a look at the basic shades for this period, as we will further analyze what the famous fashion designers suggest in a separate article with the top colors for Spring and Summer 2022.

Intense colors from the top to the nails

Monochrome combinations, but also color blocking with intense shades will be a must choice for Spring and Summer.

So do not hesitate to play with colors by wearing an intense fuchsia with yellow, orange with purple and anything else you can imagine in order to create a trendy outfit.

This is a trend adopted by many of the famous fashion designers, including Chanel, Versace, Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Bottega Veneta and Christian Dior.


In contrast to the intense shades, the always up-to-date white will be an equally interesting idea for spring and summer clothing.

This is a choice that is typical for the Spring / Summer season, as white dresses are never missing from the collections of designers this season. But apart from the dresses, white is also ideal for other clothes this season, such as suits or just pants.

Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, Markarian, Erdem, Hermès and Valentino were just some of the famous fashion designers who suggested it.

Very Peri

This particular purple color with blue tones, is the top choice for 2022 and could not be missing from the list of top fashion trends for this season Spring / Summer.

It is a sweet shade that goes well with both intense and more neutral colors. Some of the famous houses that used it in their new collections are Versace, Valentino, Isabel Marant, Gucci and Alberta Ferretti. Some of them presented a series of vintage pieces, while others limited it to more classic pieces such as dresses with a straight line, etc.

Wide suits

Oversized suits in beautiful colors are a nice outfit for the Spring / Summer 2022 season. They can be worn from morning to night and create many different styles.

In fact, they can be surprisingly combined even with a t-shirt and sneakers, leading to a sporty chic outfit.

If you still like the most feminine outfit, one of the most trendy options for this period is the bra top. It is an elegant and sexy proposal for spring and summer looks.

The fashion houses that presented this trend are, among others, Christian Siriano and Versace.


The role of white in the spring and summer collections has now ceased to be considered a trend and has acquired the character of the classic and expected. However, white can in no way be considered outdated or boring. The airy white dresses by Salvatore Ferragamo, the tailored suits by Fendi and the boho dresses by Chloe will help us create a complete wardrobe for the city and the island.

Low-rise pants and skirts

Another trend that made its presence felt on many of the catwalks of famous houses, such as Blumarine, Staud, Versace, Chanel and Tom Ford, are the low-slung pants and the corresponding skirts.

Therefore, the well-known low-heeled ones are returning dynamically this season, reminding us even more characteristically of the period of 2000.

They combine amazingly with the crop tops and bra tops that are equally at the top this season, leaving our waist and belly exposed to the eyes.


The color trends of 2022 start with a strong shade, orange, which seems to occupy us a lot in the spring and summer of this year. How will you wear it? The house of Proenza Schouler suggests investing in a suit, an airy dress or a tote bag, the house of Givenchy in a top that you will wear with your black pants or jeans and the house of Dior restores the thongs. There are many options to prefer your favorite.


The Spring / Summer 2022 season loves bold shades, those that make an ensemble not go unnoticed. For another year, pink in its most intense versions reminds us that the main role of fashion is to set our mood and to feel the best version of ourselves. If you want to experiment with your style, a fuchsia in metallic shade like Tom Ford or a suit in neon pink as suggested by Alexander McQueen are the additions you need to make to your wardrobe.


Another detail chosen by many famous designers, such as Balmain, Etro and Altuzarra, to emphasize the female waist and not only, is undoubtedly the laces.

Therefore, t-shirts, bustiers, but also pants decorated with laces that tie around the neck or waist will be a modern choice of clothing for this Spring and Summer.

14 main causes and solutions for blockages

Sewer blockages can be annoying, but if you understand what is happening and deal with them early, they are relatively easy to correct and you may be able to avoid more serious leaks, overflows or electrical damage. The obstruction company – Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου – analyzes the 14 main causes that cause obstruction in your ducts and gives you the best solutions.

Why do drainage pipes become clogged?

Here we must separate the 3 main points in our space where this happens and put the causes separately:

1. Obstacles in the kitchen

We have seen many times even in the news of fats that can cause huge public sewage blockages, resulting in accumulation of sewage in houses and streets. What you definitely need to put in the trash and create blockages in the kitchen pipes are:

Fat and oil

The bad habit of throwing cooked potato oil in the sink is one of the most serious problems. Grease from fats and oils can be a liquid when it enters a drain, but it soon cools there and will thicken quickly. It will become a sticky solid mass that adheres to the walls of the pipes and gives more waste to it. It is necessary for blockages in sewer pipes and financial joy for all foreclosure companies.

The solution is to use a fat trap (disposable lined container) to dispose of used oils and fats. Alternatively, keep a small bucket in the kitchen for food waste – it is healthy for both the pipes and the planet!

Hair of all shapes

Both human and pet hair are also important factors that block the tubes. The simplest way to avoid blockages and blockage of drains from creating hair is to install grids and filters in all your ducts. Especially in the shower and bath pipes.

A grid in the kitchen sink will also trap food waste from washing. They are easy to clean – just make it a habit to empty them regularly.

Coffee residues

Yes… Because there are some great coffee based compounds like organic glue. Coffee beans look like a harmless, free product that rinses in the sink. However, you may be surprised to learn that they are a high risk factor for obstruction. Dispose of – along with other food waste, such as rice and pasta – in the food bin.

Food leftovers from dishes and pans
Kitchen rolls and papers

2. Plug in the toilet

  • Makeup cleaning products
  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers, sanitary napkins
  • Tampons and applicators (plastic and cardboard)
  • Hansaplast
  • Toilet paper
  • Razors
  • Fibrous materials.

Items such as wet wipes, dental floss, cotton and sanitary ware should be discarded in the bin and not flushed down the toilet. They can easily get stuck in rough sections in drains and accumulate in possible blockages.

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Engine oil, paints, battery fluids and solvents must be disposed of safely in accordance with local regulations. We should never get into water supply where it can damage our groundwater and be toxic to plants and wildlife. Return unused medicines to a pharmacist for safe disposal

3. Obstacles outdoors

It goes without saying that you should always try to keep the pipes in your yard free of leaves, foliage, twigs, stones or other garden debris that could get into the sewer and cause blockages. Regularly scanning your garden and using foliar fertilizer is one way to avoid clogging these pipes and tubing. It is also recommended to check regularly if you have an outdoor shed, its height.

Monthly maintenance and cleaning of cabins should be done on time. If blockages occur frequently and you take care of all of the above, you may need to seek help from a specialist obstruction company. Because the problem may be mechanical (poor gravity of the pipes) to identify the cause and relieve the blockage.

There are some techniques that a drainage specialist will use. Including the use of CCTV, ie Piping Control Camera , to look closely at the piping and locate difficult and inaccessible points of the sewer to see what blocked the flow of water. Occupational obstetricians can also advise you on what to do in the future to prevent this from happening again.

Tips for keeping clean drains

Educate your family on what is safe and unsafe to throw in the drains. It is also a good idea to use some simple regular cleaning procedures.

  1. A handful of baking soda in the drain. A kettle followed by hot (not boiling) water will help you to dissolve and relax any fats that have started to accumulate.
  2. A cup of vinegar will work the same way.
  3. Buy a spiral. A long, flexible tool – for removing accumulations and disconnecting early accumulation

Remember. Most blockages can be avoided. However, if the drain pipes are blocked, seek professional help immediately. The Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου blockages service company has a specialized workforce.

It can handle all obstruction problems and offer a wide range of obstruction related services in your home. If you encounter any of the above, call 2108993343. They are the leading providers of health inspections, blockage and repair services for individuals, hotels and businesses throughout Athens and Attica.

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9 signs it is the end of a sex relationship

In movies we often see couples, who always find a way to be together, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their sex relationship. The reason is always simple: They are in love. But off screen, love is not always enough to keep a relationship going.

With love separation

In fact, the emotions evoked by romantic love can be so strong that they can persuade people to stay in relationships that are toxic, unfulfilled, and ultimately unhappy. Whether they realize it or not.

Why is a separation so difficult?

But why do we find it difficult to leave a relationship when we obviously do not enjoy it? The answer is more than complicated.

It is difficult for people to admit that they have failed. The same goes for our relationships. We often convince ourselves that we can improve any situation, even when we can not control things. Separation is nowhere on the horizon as an option.

However, while when you are in love you feel the happiest person in the world, this feeling alone does not stimulate stable, lasting romantic sex relationships. Experts explain some of the signs that it may be time to take separate paths.

Do I have to break up?

Experts talk about 9 signs that if you recognize in your sexual relationship, it means that it is time to take separate paths. Separation is the only solution.

1. Physical and emotional abuse

Someone who loves you will never hurt you physically or emotionally. Couples can hurt each other by saying the wrong things or doing something the other person does not like. However, if it has become a pattern of abuse, we are talking about something completely different.

You can not justify the abusive behavior of someone who claims to love you. And yet, it is particularly difficult for victims of abuse to distance themselves from their partners. An abusive relationship is characterized by:

  • Excessive control
  • Indifference to the needs of the other
  • Verbal violence
  • Incarnation of violence
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Focus on the “musts”
  • Lack of understanding
  • Despotic behavior

The experience of any of the above is a clear sign that you are in an abusive relationship and should leave immediately.

2. Infidelity

If you are in a monogamous relationship and do not mess with escorts, infidelity can destroy its very foundations. When someone cheats on you, trust, security, and transparency in the relationship are shattered. Many couples successfully overcome infidelity.

However, if you are a person who can not manage the long and emotional process of accepting your partner, it is not worth it to stay in the relationship.

Remember also that infidelity does not have to be physical, it can also be emotional. The wound that leaves in any case infidelity, is not something that “you have to manage“.

3. No sense of purpose

Each of us has a different purpose and goal in life. The importance of having a sense of purpose and taking action daily towards it is huge in healthy relationships.

On the other hand, when there is no such feeling, it is an indication that the sexual relationship must end.

4. Lies

White lies” are one thing, but deliberately cheating on your partner is a serious offense. Like infidelity, lies destroy trust. If your partner has lied to you about something important or is constantly lying to you, you need to review your relationship.

Pathological liars are especially harmful companions. Prolonged exposure to lies and gaslighting can drive even the most rational person crazy. You need to think and delineate what kind of lies you can forgive and which ones do not fit into any negotiation.

5. Addiction

Deciding to help your loved one in a difficult period in his life is a purely personal responsibility. However, addiction is a good enough reason to leave a relationship if your partner refuses to change or has repeatedly shown that he or she is unable to improve.

Remember that you are not responsible for his addiction and you can not correct it yourself. It has nothing to do with whether he loves you enough to give up or what you did wrong or what else you can try. Sometimes one just needs to be saved before they both sink together.

6. Lack of respect

Mutual respect is another essential aspect of a healthy sex relationship. Constant disrespect is something you should never tolerate, especially from someone who says he loves you and take care of you.

If someone does not respect you, it means that they do not appreciate you. It means that every decision he makes will revolve around his own and not your own happiness. How can you be with someone who does not value your beliefs, feelings and love? To answer simply: You can not.

7. Emotional distance

Do you feel that you are moving away emotionally, despite the fact that you are facing your own problems? If the couple’s communication (verbal, emotional, physical) is not healthy then time has already begun to flow in reverse for the course of the relationship. If the situation does not improve, it is time to divorce.

8. Prolonged misery

It is true that relationships are not always full of flowers, sunshine and rainbows. However, this does not mean that “heavy winter” should always prevail. If you find yourself more sad than happy, then something is wrong.

A sex relationship should add something to your life — whether it is color, passion, growth, motivation or all that. Otherwise, what is the meaning?

9. Are you afraid of being single?

Do you live in a relationship just because you are afraid of being single? Science also gives answers for your case. A number of studies have found that people who are afraid of being free tend to end up in unsatisfactory relationships.

Most worrying, though, is that they are really pursuing relationships that they know will not make them happy just because they are afraid of being left alone. Studies have also shown that people who decide to “settle down” are just as lonely and unhappy as free people. Which means it’s not really a big deal – it’s a waste of time and effort.

There is no reason to waste years of your life in an unhappy sex relationship just because you are afraid of being left alone. After all, it just is not worth it.


3 +1 reasons that visitors abandon your website

Why do not visitors stay on your website? Why do they leave your eshop and do not make purchases? What’s wrong with your website not being promoted to search engines? What are the reasons they do not like and do not recommend your site? All these will be analyzed by MyIP, which is a web hosting company.

If you have found that your website is not getting traffic, it is easily left by the visitor without navigating through it or it is difficult to get rankings in the search engines, it is time to ask yourself if it is the fault of your website or eshop or if it is your fault their content.

1. Website design is not optimized for mobile phones

When browsing the web on a mobile phone, have you ever had to scroll from page to page to read a webpage? Did you have to click to enlarge because the words or buttons on a page were too small? If this has happened to you, then you know that these websites are not mobile optimized and do not help the user navigate. Especially if you have an online store and it is not optimized for mobile, it is certain that you are losing online sales every day.

Google now penalizes web design and eshop design that is not mobile friendly. This is because Google wants to improve the mobile browsing experience for mobile users. So, if your website design is not optimized for mobile devices, you will significantly lose your organic search rankings, ie when users search for services and products you have, they will not find your website. Can you really afford to lose all this traffic and all these sales? It’s unlikely, since all businesses are now hoping to increase their online sales.

2. The website is not easy to navigate

When someone visits your website, does it know what to do, where to go, what are the next steps? Is the visitor easily guided by the structure and menu of your website? Users who visit a website or an eshop, do it for their entertainment and information or because they are looking for products and services. But they are not experts in guessing the steps they need to take on your site to read the article they are interested in or to buy the product they are looking for.

And while many have enriched their website with detailed guides and could offer real information to the visitor, instead they lose it! Simply because they do not give any direction to their website or because they ask visitors to click.

In the creation of websites as well as in the construction of eshop, the easy navigation and the clear structure for the visitor are of great importance. Of great value is how you motivate and guide the user to take an action or how to lead them to the next steps, such as registering on your website, watching a video or receiving a free trial.

Before building a site, a study should be preceded, based on the business strategy, so that the website has easy, friendly navigation and skillfully guides the visitor to do the actions you want, without feeling that he is forced to click.

3. The site uses many pop-ups

Excess pop-ups, the so-called pop up, are the windows that open when you read your article and ask you to follow the facebook page, click to win something, click to see it, click to see the other. That is, what actually happens with pop-ups is to distract the user from the reading experience and this can become seriously annoying, as it is often done in an aggressive way.

What is the right way to use pop ups on the website?

Use pop ups in moderation. This way, you do not constantly bombard your visitors with content that they are not interested in.

Do it “smartly”. Smart pop ups allow you to display different pop-ups (or no pop-ups) on different types of visitors, depending on whether they have visited your site before or are at some stage in the buying process.

Monitor the effectiveness of pop ups on your site. Evaluate the number of views and clicks in each pop-up, along with the number of pages leading to the pop-up. If you find that it does not run very well, you can edit or remove it to create a better user experience for your visitors. You can also run A / B variation tests to test different copies and offers.

Use them politely. Many websites do not allow visitors to close the pop up or the X icon that closes the window has the same color as the background of the website so that the user can not detect it. Do not follow these techniques. Give the visitor of the website the option of choosing “no”.

An alternative to pop-ups are small banners that are inserted from the side or bottom of the page with a prompt for action. They tend to be less annoying, providing users with more information while at the same time allowing them to continue reading the piece of content.

+1. The site has many moving images and graphics that are disorienting

Many users only need the first 3 seconds to focus on your website, which will familiarize them with your site, which will make them decide whether to stay or leave. Users of the three seconds must immediately navigate to any webpage they happen to open, before clicking “back” on their browser to leave.

Lots of animations, animated designs, autoplay videos, flashing ads – you know, those ads that you get paid for with clicks or impressions – and other interactive entertainment services can may seem pleasing to you or profitable, but if they are too annoying or disorienting, they can reduce the visitor’s focus during these critical first seconds.

Make sure that the designs that the animations have on your website, that is, the graphics are simple and not multi-faceted so as not to mislead the user, and do not fill your page with paid ads. Keep a balance, give weight to what your website really offers to the visitor. Beautifully develop the text for its update and dynamically promote your product.

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Τhe healthiest varieties of cheese

Cheeses are an excellent source of calcium and protein. Some formulas contain more salt and more fat than others. Here we will show you seven types of healthy cheese products that do not lack any taste.

In this article, you will learn what are the healthiest varieties of cheese. The cheeses are delicious, they go with almost everything and give the potential “present” in many of our dishes. They are an excellent source of calcium and protein, but in some cases contain a lot of salt or fat. That way they will never be out of your fridge!

Consume cheese in moderation

No one can deny that cheese is filling. It satisfies our hunger and is a perfect complement to our recipes. For example, what would be pasta without grated cheese? Or the potatoes without a little delicious melted cheese on them?

Cheese is an important source of calcium. It also contains proteins and amino acids (one of them is tryptophan). Because of this, it is recommended for all ages. However, since nothing is perfect in life, it also loads us up with a lot of calories and excess sodium.

With this in mind, its consumption should always be in moderation. According to the study of Dr. Masoumeh Sadeghi, which can be found here , although high consumption of cheese is associated with an increase in good cholesterol (HDL) does not seem to increase bad cholesterol (LDL). However, further research will certainly be needed to get a clear picture.

In the right quantities, cheeses are good for your health.

Of course, the healthier types are found in their most natural and less processed form. And there are many cases that are made with reduced salt, but this depends more on the manufacturer than the type of cheese.

For example, if you are on a diet and want to lose weight, you should keep in mind that fresh cheeses have less fat and salt than smoked cheeses. This also applies to what you can find without salt and with few calories.

On the other hand, cheeses made from sheep’s or goat’s milk are usually healthier than those made from cow’s milk. The reason is that our digestive system can better assimilate the nutrients of these cheeses. They also contain more nutrients and vitamins.

At the same time, we must not overlook the fact that the majority of cow’s milk has been treated with hormones and artificial feed (with cereals and not grass).

Because of these, the healthiest varieties of cheese come from family farms or organic companies.

What are the healthiest varieties of cheese?

Many times when you are on a diet, cheese becomes one of your main enemies. This is due to the calories or sodium it contains. However, there are other types of cheese that are healthier than others. It is worth knowing what they are, so that you can add them in reasonable quantities to your daily diet.

1. Ricotta

It is a cheese with a lot of protein, vitamins A and B and zinc . It is also low in sodium and can be found in low fat. Ricotta comes from a secondary processing of whey. It has a white color, grainy texture and mild taste. Ricotta can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. In Italy, it is one of the most widely used cheeses for filling pasta.

2. Pecorino Romano

It is in turn another healthy cheese. It is made from sheep’s milk. It is hard, salty and comes from Lacio, Italy. It is usually used in sauces and in melted form. Sometimes it is rubbed on the pasta. It is also saltier than other versions such as Tuscany and Sardinia.

3. Cottage cheese

It is made from cow’s curd. It can be more or less greasy depending on how it is prepared. It is available in various forms, such as creamy, salt-free and lactose-free. Cottage cheese has a lot of protein and other nutrients. For example, it has calcium, selenium and phosphorus . One cup of cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein. This is a very good choice if you want to lose weight as it belongs to the healthiest varieties of cheese.

4. Parmesan

Another healthy cheese from Italy. Specifically, it originates from Parma, hence the name. It has a hard, granular texture and is made with milk from the famous Holstein or Reggiana herds. It should not be smoked for less than a year. The richest cheeses of the species mature for three years.

Parmesan is believed to be good only for pasta or soups. It can, however, be served as an appetizer if you cut it into cubes and serve it with sausage or fruit. In its country of origin, it is recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, children and athletes. It is also worth mentioning that it is more digestible than any other cheese.

5. Aged cheddar

Lactose intolerance can lead to problems and discomfort. This is due to the fact that many dishes today are made with dairy products. This also applies to all cheeses. It is comforting, however, that aged cheddar is one of the healthiest cheeses, as it does not have as much lactose. You can talk to an expert about whether it is right for you or try it for yourself.

6. Feta

It is prepared mainly with sheep’s and goat’s milk. This savory cheese has a unique taste and a crumbly, creamy texture. If you want to eat real feta, you have to buy feta made in Greece. There are also good quality Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian and Danish. This cheese is used in salads along with olive oil, tomatoes and cucumbers. It is ideal for summer.

7. Pot

This fresh, white, smooth cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk. It is one of the best cheeses on our list of the healthiest varieties of cheese. It is usually served as an appetizer, cut into small pieces. It also has the ability to absorb other flavors, such as garlic for example. It has a lot of protein and in order to be healthy, you need to choose one that is low in sodium and fat.

Now that you know the healthiest varieties of cheese, it’s time to find your favorite.

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