9 signs it is the end of a sex relationship

In movies we often see couples, who always find a way to be together, regardless of the obstacles that stand in their sex relationship. The reason is always simple: They are in love. But off screen, love is not always enough to keep a relationship going.

With love separation

In fact, the emotions evoked by romantic love can be so strong that they can persuade people to stay in relationships that are toxic, unfulfilled, and ultimately unhappy. Whether they realize it or not.

Why is a separation so difficult?

But why do we find it difficult to leave a relationship when we obviously do not enjoy it? The answer is more than complicated.

It is difficult for people to admit that they have failed. The same goes for our relationships. We often convince ourselves that we can improve any situation, even when we can not control things. Separation is nowhere on the horizon as an option.

However, while when you are in love you feel the happiest person in the world, this feeling alone does not stimulate stable, lasting romantic sex relationships. Experts explain some of the signs that it may be time to take separate paths.

Do I have to break up?

Experts talk about 9 signs that if you recognize in your sexual relationship, it means that it is time to take separate paths. Separation is the only solution.

1. Physical and emotional abuse

Someone who loves you will never hurt you physically or emotionally. Couples can hurt each other by saying the wrong things or doing something the other person does not like. However, if it has become a pattern of abuse, we are talking about something completely different.

You can not justify the abusive behavior of someone who claims to love you. And yet, it is particularly difficult for victims of abuse to distance themselves from their partners. An abusive relationship is characterized by:

  • Excessive control
  • Indifference to the needs of the other
  • Verbal violence
  • Incarnation of violence
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Focus on the “musts”
  • Lack of understanding
  • Despotic behavior

The experience of any of the above is a clear sign that you are in an abusive relationship and should leave immediately.

2. Infidelity

If you are in a monogamous relationship and do not mess with escorts, infidelity can destroy its very foundations. When someone cheats on you, trust, security, and transparency in the relationship are shattered. Many couples successfully overcome infidelity.

However, if you are a person who can not manage the long and emotional process of accepting your partner, it is not worth it to stay in the relationship.

Remember also that infidelity does not have to be physical, it can also be emotional. The wound that leaves in any case infidelity, is not something that “you have to manage“.

3. No sense of purpose

Each of us has a different purpose and goal in life. The importance of having a sense of purpose and taking action daily towards it is huge in healthy relationships.

On the other hand, when there is no such feeling, it is an indication that the sexual relationship must end.

4. Lies

White lies” are one thing, but deliberately cheating on your partner is a serious offense. Like infidelity, lies destroy trust. If your partner has lied to you about something important or is constantly lying to you, you need to review your relationship.

Pathological liars are especially harmful companions. Prolonged exposure to lies and gaslighting can drive even the most rational person crazy. You need to think and delineate what kind of lies you can forgive and which ones do not fit into any negotiation.

5. Addiction

Deciding to help your loved one in a difficult period in his life is a purely personal responsibility. However, addiction is a good enough reason to leave a relationship if your partner refuses to change or has repeatedly shown that he or she is unable to improve.

Remember that you are not responsible for his addiction and you can not correct it yourself. It has nothing to do with whether he loves you enough to give up or what you did wrong or what else you can try. Sometimes one just needs to be saved before they both sink together.

6. Lack of respect

Mutual respect is another essential aspect of a healthy sex relationship. Constant disrespect is something you should never tolerate, especially from someone who says he loves you and take care of you.

If someone does not respect you, it means that they do not appreciate you. It means that every decision he makes will revolve around his own and not your own happiness. How can you be with someone who does not value your beliefs, feelings and love? To answer simply: You can not.

7. Emotional distance

Do you feel that you are moving away emotionally, despite the fact that you are facing your own problems? If the couple’s communication (verbal, emotional, physical) is not healthy then time has already begun to flow in reverse for the course of the relationship. If the situation does not improve, it is time to divorce.

8. Prolonged misery

It is true that relationships are not always full of flowers, sunshine and rainbows. However, this does not mean that “heavy winter” should always prevail. If you find yourself more sad than happy, then something is wrong.

A sex relationship should add something to your life — whether it is color, passion, growth, motivation or all that. Otherwise, what is the meaning?

9. Are you afraid of being single?

Do you live in a relationship just because you are afraid of being single? Science also gives answers for your case. A number of studies have found that people who are afraid of being free tend to end up in unsatisfactory relationships.

Most worrying, though, is that they are really pursuing relationships that they know will not make them happy just because they are afraid of being left alone. Studies have also shown that people who decide to “settle down” are just as lonely and unhappy as free people. Which means it’s not really a big deal – it’s a waste of time and effort.

There is no reason to waste years of your life in an unhappy sex relationship just because you are afraid of being left alone. After all, it just is not worth it.


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