14 main causes and solutions for blockages

14 main causes and solutions for blockages

Sewer blockages can be annoying, but if you understand what is happening and deal with them early, they are relatively easy to correct and you may be able to avoid more serious leaks, overflows or electrical damage. The obstruction company – Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου – analyzes the 14 main causes that cause obstruction in your ducts and gives you the best solutions.

Why do drainage pipes become clogged?

Here we must separate the 3 main points in our space where this happens and put the causes separately:

1. Obstacles in the kitchen

We have seen many times even in the news of fats that can cause huge public sewage blockages, resulting in accumulation of sewage in houses and streets. What you definitely need to put in the trash and create blockages in the kitchen pipes are:

Fat and oil

The bad habit of throwing cooked potato oil in the sink is one of the most serious problems. Grease from fats and oils can be a liquid when it enters a drain, but it soon cools there and will thicken quickly. It will become a sticky solid mass that adheres to the walls of the pipes and gives more waste to it. It is necessary for blockages in sewer pipes and financial joy for all foreclosure companies.

The solution is to use a fat trap (disposable lined container) to dispose of used oils and fats. Alternatively, keep a small bucket in the kitchen for food waste – it is healthy for both the pipes and the planet!

Hair of all shapes

Both human and pet hair are also important factors that block the tubes. The simplest way to avoid blockages and blockage of drains from creating hair is to install grids and filters in all your ducts. Especially in the shower and bath pipes.

A grid in the kitchen sink will also trap food waste from washing. They are easy to clean – just make it a habit to empty them regularly.

Coffee residues

Yes… Because there are some great coffee based compounds like organic glue. Coffee beans look like a harmless, free product that rinses in the sink. However, you may be surprised to learn that they are a high risk factor for obstruction. Dispose of – along with other food waste, such as rice and pasta – in the food bin.

Food leftovers from dishes and pans
Kitchen rolls and papers

2. Plug in the toilet

  • Makeup cleaning products
  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers, sanitary napkins
  • Tampons and applicators (plastic and cardboard)
  • Hansaplast
  • Toilet paper
  • Razors
  • Fibrous materials.

Items such as wet wipes, dental floss, cotton and sanitary ware should be discarded in the bin and not flushed down the toilet. They can easily get stuck in rough sections in drains and accumulate in possible blockages.

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Engine oil, paints, battery fluids and solvents must be disposed of safely in accordance with local regulations. We should never get into water supply where it can damage our groundwater and be toxic to plants and wildlife. Return unused medicines to a pharmacist for safe disposal

3. Obstacles outdoors

It goes without saying that you should always try to keep the pipes in your yard free of leaves, foliage, twigs, stones or other garden debris that could get into the sewer and cause blockages. Regularly scanning your garden and using foliar fertilizer is one way to avoid clogging these pipes and tubing. It is also recommended to check regularly if you have an outdoor shed, its height.

Monthly maintenance and cleaning of cabins should be done on time. If blockages occur frequently and you take care of all of the above, you may need to seek help from a specialist obstruction company. Because the problem may be mechanical (poor gravity of the pipes) to identify the cause and relieve the blockage.

There are some techniques that a drainage specialist will use. Including the use of CCTV, ie Piping Control Camera , to look closely at the piping and locate difficult and inaccessible points of the sewer to see what blocked the flow of water. Occupational obstetricians can also advise you on what to do in the future to prevent this from happening again.

Tips for keeping clean drains

Educate your family on what is safe and unsafe to throw in the drains. It is also a good idea to use some simple regular cleaning procedures.

  1. A handful of baking soda in the drain. A kettle followed by hot (not boiling) water will help you to dissolve and relax any fats that have started to accumulate.
  2. A cup of vinegar will work the same way.
  3. Buy a spiral. A long, flexible tool – for removing accumulations and disconnecting early accumulation

Remember. Most blockages can be avoided. However, if the drain pipes are blocked, seek professional help immediately. The Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου blockages service company has a specialized workforce.

It can handle all obstruction problems and offer a wide range of obstruction related services in your home. If you encounter any of the above, call 2108993343. They are the leading providers of health inspections, blockage and repair services for individuals, hotels and businesses throughout Athens and Attica.

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The Most Common Pipes Troubles – When to Call an Expert

The Most Common Pipes Troubles – When to Call an Expert

Nearly every property owner or renter has a few necessary devices accessible to manage small pipes emergency situations. Many times, a stopped up toilet or sluggish drain might just need a little elbow grease and a plunger to work as planned. If you come in handy around the house, you can normally deal with a little fixing such as altering out a worn washing machine or replacing a drainpipe cover. However, bigger pipes repair service jobs need professional (ydravlikoi) attention. Trying to repair some usual issues such as slow-moving drains pipes or dripping bathrooms can cause bigger problems later on.

Pipes Maintenance

One method to stop expensive repair services to your home is a normal maintenance routine. Due to the fact that several concerns with your pipes creep up on you, a comprehensive inspection is the essential to capturing small issues prior to they expand. Hidden leakages in sink drains pipes or below hot water heater are more than just a problem; gradually, they can create architectural damages. Water that permeates right into sheet rock or plaster contributes to Build development. Permeable ceramic tile or wood flooring can discolour or warp when damp.

Routine DIY Maintenance Tasks

Several regular upkeep tasks are basic diy tasks. An assessment is the structure of any kind of maintenance schedule. You might use your sinks and tubs daily, but you might not notice minor problems unless you set aside time for an evaluation. Undergo your home and also take a look at your plumbing. Check out all exposed pipelines, consisting of under sinks and behind toilet containers, for any kind of indicators of moisture. On a damp day, some condensation on a chilly metal pipeline is typical, so note any kind of wetness and also examine the pipes again when the house is cooler. Check for indications of deterioration on brass or copper installations; corrosion takes place extra rapidly on wet steel, so rusty connections might expose a slow-moving leakage.

Switch on tap in sinks, showers as well as bathtubs to keep track of water pressure. Some variant in between different tap styles and purposes is regular, yet all of them ought to have a constant flow. Keep in mind just how rapidly the water drains pipes after you check the faucet, too; slow drains pipes can indicate a clog waiting to occur. While you’re making your rounds, flush toilets to guarantee they do not run or leakage at the base, a sign of a faulty wax seal.

Professional Inspections

Inspections from a certified plumbing provide you a much more extensive look at your house’s pipes and also drains. Your examiner will certainly check the hot water heater, waste disposal unit and also every area of your home’s pipes system. Extra thorough assessments could consist of remote video evaluation of pipes, lead screening and also filter system assessment.

Arrange a consultation

After a comprehensive assessment, eliminate and also tidy aerators on faucets and shower heads. Debris can accumulate as well as slow-moving water circulation. If you opt for expert pipes upkeep, your plumber will certainly take care of this action and also others for you. Some of the maintenance tasks a qualified plumbing can do consist of:

  • Drainpipe therapy to maximize circulation rate
  • Cleansing of waste disposal unit as well as water heaters
  • Stress tests to discover hairline leaks
  • Water stress evaluation and also change

Common Pipes Repair Work Jobs

Also one of the most complete plumbing maintenance assessment will not stop the periodic clog or leak, specifically in older homes. The high water table in the Sarasota and also Bradenton, FL location additionally contributes to septic tank troubles that can impact bathrooms and also drains pipes. A number of these typical concerns have similarly typical remedies.

Leaking Taps

If you’ve ever before tried to sleep with a leaking tap in the following space or duke it outed a kitchen sink that didn’t understand when to stop, you understand how annoying this common issue can be. A dripping tap additionally drives your water bill greater. A single tap can send thousands of gallons of water per year down your drains a decline at once.

Water entering your house is under stress to move it through the pipelines. When you shut off the faucet, rubber or silicone-based washers develop a water-tight seal that stops a lot more water from pushing its method through the pipelines and also out of the tap. In time, washers can end up being rigid, torn or dislodged, permitting a small flow of water through as well as creating that annoying drip.

Not all sinks have washers to hold back the flow of water. Ceramic taps, additionally called disc or canister faucets, utilize sturdy ceramic plates that fit together to form a seal. Although they require upkeep less usually than rubber washing machines, the repair service task is extra complicated than a basic washer substitute. If you have a lever-operated sink or bathtub rather than one with separate knobs, you possibly have a ceramic disc or canister faucet.

Low Water Stress

When water that must spurt, only drips from the faucet, you have low water stress. This issue might not be associated with the pipes in your residence however to the metropolitan water supply. It’s rare, but a break in a primary line can briefly decrease your water stress. A more common cause of this problem is a build-up of down payments or debris on tap aerators.

The water entering your pipelines brings dissolved minerals in it that ultimately transfer themselves on steel surfaces. If you have a purification system, these down payments wind up in the filters and also obtain changed; without such a system, these mineral deposits gather on internal surfaces of aerators and also shower heads, blocking screens and reducing circulation. A lot of kitchen taps have quickly gotten rid of aerators that just unscrew from the suggestion of the faucet for very easy cleaning. Shower heads and also bathroom taps may not be as very easy to remove, however you can attach a plastic bag filled with vinegar to the shower head over night to cleanse it.

A leakage or breach in pipelines introducing your home is an emergency situation that could damage your house’s facilities or structure.

Running Bathroom

Toilets typically run when the flapper valve that allows water pass from the container to the bowl no longer fits correctly, the float is unbalanced or the fill tube comes loose. Bathroom repair kits work for a lot of designs and also call for little initiative to install.

Periodically, though, toilets run for more complex reasons. If you have actually changed the flapper, float device and fill tube, you may have debris that’s affecting correct flushing as well as filling. Greater water costs could also indicate a quiet leakage.

Whether your routine examination exposes a puddle under a pipe or you get an unpleasant shock when you reach under your sink, leaks can be a pricey hassle. Leaks usually occur at joints.

Although replacing a leaking U-joint under your sink isn’t a complex fixing, it is a messy one. You might want to have a specialist manage it for you to save the clean-up time. Until the plumbing technician can get to your leakage, utilize a compression clamp and also a rubber sheet or leakage tape.

Slow-moving or Clogged Drainpipes

When the water that enters into your sink, bathtub or commode will not head out, you probably have a partial or full blockage.

Even if you do not have a complete obstruction, debris in pipes can slow down drainage to a flow. Beam a flashlight right into the drain and see if you can spot the trouble. A pair of pliers or tweezers could be able to reach a clump of hair or dropped bottle cap that’s blocking your pipelines. Installing drainpipe displays can stop fragments from discovering its method right into drains.

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Fixing Tips

  • Prior to tackling any kind of repair work, shut off the water main.
  • Dress properly not to get wet. Also if you’re careful, pipes maintenance and repair is an untidy task.
  • The expression to measure two times and also cut when relates to pipelines, washers and also other installations along with to woodworking. When possible, take parts to be replaced to the hardware store with you to be sure you’re purchasing the ideal thing.
  • Maintain an expert plumber’s number useful. You might not need the number, however if you snap off a valve as well as have a hot spring in your kitchen, you’ll be glad you maintained it near your phone.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

Some concerns are also unsafe or made complex to take on alone. Employ a qualified plumber for the complying with jobs for your security and also the integrity of your residence:

  • Instalment of new pipelines, sinks or tubs
  • Water heater troubles
  • New building and construction that requires building licenses
  • Septic tank leaks
  • Sewer line breaks or leaks

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Top Tips For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused by a variety of reasons. According to one study, the average household in the USA loses around 14% of the water because of leakage ( see more αποφραξεις αθηνα ). Such leakage can amount to quite massive amount of water damage every now and then.

Some of the most common reasons for such water damage include:

  • Plumbing failures,
  • Frozen pipes,
  • Lack of water leakage detection systems,
  • Leaking or even broken pipes and
  • Human error in terms of forgetting to turn off the faucets.

One of the worst nightmares for a home owner is to come home and find out that water has flooded the basement or any of the rooms in the house. Studies have also revealed that around 38% of homeowners have faced some loss or the other because of water damage and around 93% of these costs could have been prevented with timely intervention.

But once water damage has occurred, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind in order to deal with it.

Call in a certified technician

The expertise of a certified plumber technician simply means that he or she will be able to assess the extent of water damage correctly. This is important because water can actually go under a surface. So what you see on the floor or on the wall may not really be the extent of damage.

You may actually have to pull up your floorboards or take a look at the water seepage that has happened behind the walls. If left untreated, this “unseen” water will certainly lead to more serious problems.

Looking for certified professionals

This is an important aspect to keep in mind when dealing with water damage. For instance, looking for technicians who have been certified by the IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification can certainly help you enjoy unparalleled expertise. Such a technician will be able to go into the sub structure of a building to ensure that the water damage does not result in the buildup of pathogens and does not leave the structure weakened.

Extent of services

Depending on the extent of water damage that you are facing, you may need to look for a firm that can offer comprehensive cleaning services. Some of the things that such services will include are:

  • Carpets,
  • Upholstery,
  • Leather,
  • Floor tiles or boards of different kinds,
  • Drapes and curtains and
  • Restoring the electrical systems of the house.

You could also look for price quotes from different water damage experts so you can choose the one that offers the best value for your money.

Doing a comprehensive job

Apart from looking at the extent of water damage and addressing areas such as the substructure, walls and so on, a water damage company should also be able to handle things like odors and hidden pathogens that may be left behind because of the collection of water. Wood rot, rusting iron and deterioration of cement and other building materials are very real problems when it comes to handling water damage. You should be able to ensure that the services of the professionals include all these aspects.


Do Septic Treatments Really Work?

You have identified that you have some septic system problem.  Either the drain field is clogged, or the septic tank is malfunctioning and in many cases both are happening.  You have had a contractor to the home, (ydraulikos athina) or you are contemplating doing so, and the topic of discussion is whether or not you need to replace the septic drain field, or the septic tank itself, or whether septic treatments are actually a real option to consider.

The contractor is going to obviously advise you in the direction of replacement.  Fair or unfair, the septic contractor gets paid to do work, and as a self-employed person they need as much work as they can get.  Make sure you take that into consideration before trusting their opinion completely.

Now that doesn’t mean that they are lying.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that it is a bad idea.  Your septic problems WILL go away if you replace your septic drain field.

The question is… does it HAVE to be replaced; is it beyond being restored by a septic treatment.  No one wants to spend 6,7 even 13 thousand dollars replacing a drain field when they can spend a few hundred dollars on a septic tank product designed to restore the septic system.

The issue for most homeowners, however, comes down to two things.

1.  Do septic treatments really work?  Can septic products deliver enough effectiveness to restore your system and help you avoid replacing the drain field? And

2.  How long is this process going to take?  Septic smell and family health concerns demand this is taken care of quickly, how long does it take septic treatments to work, if they work at all?

Only you can answer whether or not it’s better for your family to replace the septic drain field or not.  But as far as whether or not septic treatments work….they absolutely do!

Now, as with all industries, there are some products that clearly out-perform the competition.  In addition, septic treatments come in two types or strengths of treatments.  Let’s examine these two points a little bit closer.

First, the septic treatment brands.  Septic treatments or septic tank products as they are sometimes called range in quality, effectiveness and of course price.  While cost is always a part of making the decision, it cannot be the only guide when your purchasing a septic treatment.

Keep in mind you are considering replacing a septic drain field for 10 thousand dollars.  You are probably not going to find a solution for $67, if you follow me.  The higher quality options, do cost a bit more than that, but are proven to be highly effective alternatives to septic system replacement.  Choose the right septic treatment and you will soon be the owner of a newly restored septic system.

Now for the strength and use of septic products.  One treatment is called a septic shock treatment.  These are high powerful doses, designed to reverse the type of damage consistent with replacing your drain field.  These treatments blast through waste and restore your system in a matter of a week or two.  Septic treatments are also sold as a monthly maintenance additive.  These monthly septic treatments provide your system with supplemental bacteria and enzymes to help keep your system running smooth.

While not a one-time treatment solution for a clogged, these products play a crucial role in the upkeep of our septic system going forward.  But do not confuse them with the alternative for replacing a system, for the heavy lifting, you need a septic shock treatment.

Overall, septic treatments are highly effective, if you choose the right one.  They can save you thousands of dollars and prolong the life of your septic system.  While they are not overnight solutions, they work quickly and with a bit of family planning, can be the right solution to help you save money.

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