The Truth About Porn & How It Effects Kids & Teens

The Truth About Porn & How It Effects Kids & Teens

Do you know what your children & teens are watching?

I bet if you think back real hard you can remember the first time you saw a naked image. I’m sure we can all remember-this is something we never forget that first time. It leaves a mark on our minds and stimulates new part of our brain that we had never known before.

We never thought of it that way before. All we know is that it makes us feel good in a certain way and we take it from there. It is this instinctual part of our brain, the primal brain that makes this type of “mating call” within our mind.

The truth about porn is that when children see hyper-sexualized images such as pornography and other erotic stimulation they do not know what is being programmed into their minds. All they know is how it stimulates them & makes their genitals feel.

The Truth About Kids & Teens With Porn

The truth about porn is after kids have seen in erotic or pornographic image they’re very likely to seek masturbation or other erotic materials. With all the pornographic images in media & TV now kids are the most highly targeted.

This is why it’s so crucial that we teach our kids number one- about proper and healthy masturbation habits at an early age. As well as how to think affirmatively instead of denying sexual things, to re-affirm the opposite of what those images are trying to portray.

Male parents choose to take their boys, usually at the age of 14-16 at a call girl or call girls so as to have a first sex contact with an experienced woman, which women are mostly against to.

Sex has it’s proper place in our life but we need to teach children about healthy relationships as well as healthy sexual habits, the two are not separate- relationships and sex are united regardless of the nature or length of time.

There must be some sort of a relationship for there to be sex. The truth about porn and kids is that the more accurate information young people have, the better choices they will make for the long term.

Talk with your children about porn & masturbation

Yes, just like the freedom of speech, you’re allowed to say what you want, but you must live with the words that you have spoken forever. It is also the same way with using images or pornography to masturbate, while many people are not taught properly how to deal with masturbation, pornography, even if you are are taught how to properly control those feelings for positive activities.

Psychologically speaking, any sexually arousing or pornographic image, video, or material releases a chemical inside of the brain that induces an increase in testosterone, adrenaline and sexual arousal. This is why they say men can be aroused and turned on within 8 seconds, it takes women 2 to 3 min. You can just simply put that in perspective of men have a faster jet engine while it takes a couple revs to get women going.

When you put that in perspective with kids being affected by pornography, they’re even worse off because they don’t know how to masturbate, and are usually taught that it’s a complete and utter sin or an evil to be forgotten and ignored. Thus, creating repression, and this causes more psychological damage. The most parents can understand, because sexuality is, in fact, almost 30% of the human life time spent.

The truth about porn is nearly all children who have interacted with pornography at a young age are typically more likely to be sexually active. Also, depending on the amount and frequency of usage of the pornography material seen in today’s culture. Teenagers as young as 13, 14, 15 year old are experiencing erectile dysfunction because of the use of pornography for multiple years already!

The best thing can be done for kids and teens to prevent against porn addiction masturbation, addiction or inexperienced intercourse is to talk to them. To provide them with accurate information that they need to make accurate independent decisions.

Talking to your kids about proper masturbation and warning them about the slippery slope of pornography will allow them to feel like they can express themselves sexually without tarnishing their minds and cluttering them full of erotic and desensitizing images.

It will also give them a sense of self-efficacy and self-confidence knowing that they know how to please and pleasure themselves sexually without ever first having a partner as well as being able to have more respect for that partner’s (call girl or call girls) body and mind without having pre-programmed sexualized “ideals”.

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