Google algorithm routing of year 2013

Looking back at year 2012, which was clearly the most revolutionary year in the history of SEO, we can get a slight idea as to how the trends and patterns are changing. However, it should be realised that future is unpredictable. So here we’ll discuss about the early signs of SEO from which we could gain a slight foresight about the changes that will take place in the Google algorithm in the days to come.

So what are the changes that are taking place in today’s SEO world? The answer to this question can be laid out in two ways. First we need to understand what changes have been eliminated and what changes are demanded by the algorithm updates. We’ll try to understand what the Panda and Penguin updates did. Panda was released in 2011, and since then it has undergone a lot of changes. Panda kicked off a lot of low-quality sites off the SERPs. Penguin penalized a lot of spam SEO practices.

Google got a lot smarter as it promoted the idea of value and quality to the world of web. The exploited traditional methods faced devaluation and of course the paid links were thrown out. As a result of all these, guest blogging emerged a very popular SEO practice. The link building methodology was slowly rejected and the link earning was promoted.

The Penguin and Panda algorithms are still being updated. Google’s said to be making nearly 500 modifications to the algorithms per year. The January 17 update is said to be an addition to Penguin that devaluates spam backlinks. The recent updates seem to be focusing on several aspects. First is the quality of content. The updates are said to consider two things, firstly the uniqueness of the content or topic and secondly the resourcefulness and information richness of the content.

Another very important sign about the updates is that they are focusing more on the social signals. They are shifting their focus from link building to link earning. They are seeking methods to enhance organic traffic that can increase the quality of the World Wide Web.

These patterns are likely to create a major role in the future SEO and can be considered as early signs of the changes that are yet to come. It is therefore important to be updated on the algorithms and watch for signs in order to future proof your websites when practicing SEO.

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