Reiterate the Distress Outfits and Style!

Let’s go back to the basics with this post and admire the beauty and substance in all things basic and talk about distressed skirt and all things ripped. Distressed skirts and lace, are a major trend this season and there is no reason as to why we would skip sporting them on our blog.

But what l like moste is a brand new brand bag from 4bag.

This one is for the girls who don’t like doing too much to their outfits and still are able to pick out old apparels from their closets and style them like a boss. As we always say, you don’t need to own expensive brand clothes and look stylish, when you can just pick up that favorite crop top of yours, an old distressed skirt and those cool sunnies and totally rock them.
Let’s have a look, shall we ?

LOOK:  Laces and rip offs

Styling your outfits right is they key to look fashionable in anything and everything you own. If given a chance and a lot of money every girl would want to shop everyday and fill her closet with new clothes, but as fancy as this idea may sound we aren’t that lucky right? So why not own up to what we already have and turn into a runway outfit?

If you would have been following The Wardrobe Wagon till now, you would definitely know that we dig on crop tops, and endorse it  for every  body type. If you think that you are too fat and your tummy would pop out, let’s take a moment to appreciate Winnie the Pooh and hence gather some courage and put that crop top on, you know you want to.

Picking up on this distressed denim skirt has been quite a steal deal as you can literally style this with any top (formal and informal) and sport it in different occasions. Doing DIY ripped skirts are very easy and can totally edge up your look. To give it a little more edge, we added this boho neck piece which we picked from a thrift shop and added the quirk to the outfit.

We wore two different heels to highlight the difference and to make it easy for all of us to understand, how a little pop of color on your heels can change the way we see our outfits.
When you will be sporting this look by yourself next time, don’t forget to put on your favorite shades girls!

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