Do Septic Treatments Really Work?

You have identified that you have some septic system problem.  Either the drain field is clogged, or the septic tank is malfunctioning and in many cases both are happening.  You have had a contractor to the home, (ydraulikos athina) or you are contemplating doing so, and the topic of discussion is whether or not you need to replace the septic drain field, or the septic tank itself, or whether septic treatments are actually a real option to consider.

The contractor is going to obviously advise you in the direction of replacement.  Fair or unfair, the septic contractor gets paid to do work, and as a self-employed person they need as much work as they can get.  Make sure you take that into consideration before trusting their opinion completely.

Now that doesn’t mean that they are lying.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that it is a bad idea.  Your septic problems WILL go away if you replace your septic drain field.

The question is… does it HAVE to be replaced; is it beyond being restored by a septic treatment.  No one wants to spend 6,7 even 13 thousand dollars replacing a drain field when they can spend a few hundred dollars on a septic tank product designed to restore the septic system.

The issue for most homeowners, however, comes down to two things.

1.  Do septic treatments really work?  Can septic products deliver enough effectiveness to restore your system and help you avoid replacing the drain field? And

2.  How long is this process going to take?  Septic smell and family health concerns demand this is taken care of quickly, how long does it take septic treatments to work, if they work at all?

Only you can answer whether or not it’s better for your family to replace the septic drain field or not.  But as far as whether or not septic treatments work….they absolutely do!

Now, as with all industries, there are some products that clearly out-perform the competition.  In addition, septic treatments come in two types or strengths of treatments.  Let’s examine these two points a little bit closer.

First, the septic treatment brands.  Septic treatments or septic tank products as they are sometimes called range in quality, effectiveness and of course price.  While cost is always a part of making the decision, it cannot be the only guide when your purchasing a septic treatment.

Keep in mind you are considering replacing a septic drain field for 10 thousand dollars.  You are probably not going to find a solution for $67, if you follow me.  The higher quality options, do cost a bit more than that, but are proven to be highly effective alternatives to septic system replacement.  Choose the right septic treatment and you will soon be the owner of a newly restored septic system.

Now for the strength and use of septic products.  One treatment is called a septic shock treatment.  These are high powerful doses, designed to reverse the type of damage consistent with replacing your drain field.  These treatments blast through waste and restore your system in a matter of a week or two.  Septic treatments are also sold as a monthly maintenance additive.  These monthly septic treatments provide your system with supplemental bacteria and enzymes to help keep your system running smooth.

While not a one-time treatment solution for a clogged, these products play a crucial role in the upkeep of our septic system going forward.  But do not confuse them with the alternative for replacing a system, for the heavy lifting, you need a septic shock treatment.

Overall, septic treatments are highly effective, if you choose the right one.  They can save you thousands of dollars and prolong the life of your septic system.  While they are not overnight solutions, they work quickly and with a bit of family planning, can be the right solution to help you save money.

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